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National news coverage over the past several months has contained articles and TV expose’s about a national crime and trauma scene cleanup company that is accused of a variety of unethical practices. These methods have been questioned by families affected by unthinkable tragedies, the courts, and in some states, the Attorney General’s Office.

When tragic events occur it is difficult to know where to turn for help. When a particular company is under the looking glass, it is easy to assume that the entire industry is suspect.

We are the American BioRecovery Association (ABRA). As a non-profit association representing the crime and trauma scene industry, we wish to speak out. First, we would like to emphasize that the company receiving this exposure is NOT a member of our organization and does not represent the industry as a whole.

Who are members of the American BioRecovery Association (ABRA)?

Established in 1996, ABRA has set the gold standard for ethics, education and technical expertise in the industry. Our members are sworn to an oath of maintaining these standards, and provide evidence of our OSHA plans and legal compliance to become members. We are taught under a peer-reviewed training program to ensure consistency and quality when it comes to helping our clients. We are always under scrutiny by our peers, and take great pride in our reputation.

We provide quality care that involves compassion and discreet crime and trauma scene services to our clients. We don’t take four days to do a one day job, nor do we charge an extra fee to be compliant with OSHA standards, federal, state and local laws. Our invoices represent the actual work we provide and are priced within the industry accepted norms, not four to ten times higher than they should be. We stand strong in the industry against unethical practices. Currently, ABRA is very involved in seeing the fruition of the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) S540 standards which will set an even playing field among insurance companies, victims and industry companies.

We are passionate about what we do. We are here to help. Our concern and customer care is genuine, not fluff in a glossy brochure produced by a high-priced marketing firm. We impress with our quality and sincerity. We don’t need an assemblage of in-house attorneys to collect our fees or defend us against claims. In fact, we don’t know any member who has, or who has ever needed, an in-house attorney.

As American BioRecovery Association members, we are proud to stand up and say that we strive to represent the best of the best in our industry for the past sixteen years. Consider adding these screened and vetted companies to your victim’s assistance list and help lessen secondary trauma. When victims and their families need our help, our members are available 24/7 throughout the USA, Canada and Australia. Please call 888-979-2272 to request our services or more information about ABRA.

Thank you from the American BioRecovery’s compassionate, certified professionals.